Rand Technology maintains a library of test apparatus that allows us to provide a cost-effective process to deliver critical current and legacy components to PC maintenance & repair centers.


The Rand PTH program has the ability to test thousands of components each day for just in time delivery to mission critical repair centers globally.

  • CPU
  • Memory Modules
  • Disk Drives
  • Video Cards
  • Motherboards
  • Add on Cards
  • Power Supplies


Rand Procures parts on request of our customers from our audited and controlled supply base. In house Testing is performed by our technical and engineering department to insure the products perform to manufacturer’s specifications. The products are then shipped or placed in a controlled Hub for shipment upon the customer’s request.

In addition to Rand’s PTH program, Rand performs a value added service for PC repair customers with its reclamation and kitting program. This program provides repair centers with a central location to collect suspected defective and field return PC components. Rand then tests and screens the components, recertifying them for continued use in the repair facility or submitting them for recycling.

The PTH has become the program of choice with our customers in the past 10 years allowing them to maintain optimum inventory levels and a perpetual supply of parts. This program allows our customers to reduce costs of testing and storage. This capability is available worldwide and allows our customers to have the availability of parts on a global scale.


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