Rand Quality FABRIC™

We at Rand have built our business model on the FABRIC™ of Quality. Being the first in the Industry to be awarded the ISO certificate, we have intricately woven Quality into each aspect of our business. Carefully modelled departments interact with each other with the same thread called Quality. This FABRIC™ lays the foundation of our business and ensures that our customers are “covered” in every pertinent aspect including product, service and customer satisfaction.

Our Quality FABRIC™ encompasses two major aspects: Operational and Business Quality. These “Quality Threads” are tightly woven together with a keen business strategy and enables us to function in a very independent way, with the stringent international Quality benchmarks. Adoption of Quality occurs from the very basic functions such as procurement, sourcing, delivery, shipping, inspection and testing to Business Quality, Market Research, Project Management, sustainability and Customer Compliance on a Global scale.

The biggest strength of our corporation is our carefully planned and continuously audited Quality Management System which empowers us with structure and flexibility to manoeuvre through customer needs and compliance to international standards, effortlessly. This FABRIC™ has been tried and tested by numerous customers, vendors and auditing bodies for strength, stability and sustainability over a period of 20 years. Clothed in this FABRIC™ we have been able to drive the international market of Independent distribution of electronic components to a whole new level. We continuously endeavour to improve our effort to maintain the grace of our system which has been the pinnacle of Quality standards in the industry.

Quality manifests itself in many ways, some of which define the product; some of which qualify the service, but all of which characterize the company.

Since its inception in 1992, Rand Technology, Inc. has built a reputation for being the best Quality filter in the independent distribution channel. In a channel fraught with risks, our customers heavily rely on Rand’s best-in-class Quality processes; counterfeit prevention and detection methods; and Quality warrantees, guarantees, and insurance policies to mitigate those risks and save time, money and resources.

Dedicated to remaining the leader in Quality, we at Rand understand that delivering Quality product requires:

  • Employment of a multi-layered Quality System involving inspection, testing, and engineering
  • Vigilant and long-term collaboration with customers, suppliers, testing partners, and industry standards organizations
  • Relentless and continual improvement through audits, vendor management, and employee training


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