Certifications, Affiliations & Accountability

We at Rand are firm believers in “Quality through Collaboration”. We use every available resource from all channels to gather information and data to  our Quality processes, including:

  • ERAI membership
  • Long-term partnerships with world-reknown, industry-leading test facilities
  • Data sharing with Fortune 500 OEMs and EMS partners
  • Collaboration between our engineers and factory and franchise suppliers
  • CPR (Customer Protection Report) – proprietary Rand-published report notifying customers of substandard quality or counterfeit product


Certifications, Affiliations & Accountability





  • ERAI



  • $17 million in combined Liability and Errors and Omissions Insurance – Best in Class
  • Certificate of Conformance issued with every shipment
  • Warrantees and Gaurantees
  • Product Traceability Agreements


    In 1995, Rand Technology earned the esteemed recognition of being one of the first independent distributors to become ISO Certified. Rand is a benchmark in the industry for our quality standards and continually strives to exceed the quality standards set by ISO & ESD.


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