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Rand Technology delivers best-in-class asset recovery value to businesses and end users by coupling unmatched service parts knowledge with comprehensive asset recovery solutions. We work tirelessly to maximize positive returns and minimize the negative environmental impact from your IT assets.

As a leading secondary market expert in parts and asset sales, our IT asset disposition infrastructure is designed to help our clients safely and securely.

Secure Data Destruction

Keeping your data safe is our highest priority, and our proprietary, secure data destruction process assuresyour sensitive information is protected at all times.We conduct comprehensive audits to confirm every shred of information processed is completely destroyed and each action documented in a traceable Certificate of Data Destruction.

Rand On-Site Services

Rand’s superior on-site services ease the ITAD process from end-to-end. Our team performs a full onsite inventory of all assets and assures their security before shipment to our R2-certified facility. The all-inclusive inventory capture is documented with extensive detail in an easily digestible layout, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the pickup prior to Rand leaving your location. All assets are then securely packaging and sealedwith tamper-evident security tape in order to ensure products are transported safely and arrive in the condition that identical to their pre-shipment state.

White Glove On-Site Services

Rand’s best-in-class, “White Glove” on-site services separate us from others in the industry in that our teams are led by long-tenured, highly trained full-time Rand field technicians. Our professionals capture all asset details, accurately document shipments and ensure all assets are packaged securely. This premier level of service can also provide encryption verification, comprehensive onsite wiping of data from devices and removal of all asset tags, helping to assure no sensitive data ends up in the wrong hands.

Reverse Logistics

Rand leverages its global salesforce to maximize the remarketing value of your IT assets. Upon receipt, we utilize industry-standard cosmetic grading and complete functional testing to evaluate and identify the best disposition of each asset. We then remarket these products through our multi-tiered sales channels based on metrics that gradeeach by type, appearance, functionality andvalue, helping ensure you receive the highest possible return.

Deinstallation and Asset Removal

Rand offers thorough traceability and data security through every step of the ITAD process, including a fully detailed inventory that documentsasset type, make, model, serial number, physical condition, customer asset. Our experts work hand-in-glove with clients in project planning and scheduling to streamline cost-savings and efficiency and assure the onsite process is professional, accurate and as unobtrusive as possible.

Data Sanitization

Our extensive, certified NIST 800-88r1 compliant data sanitization method, NIST and SP 800-88r1, are deployed at our R2-certified facility. Security services include NIST 800-88 compliant hard drive wiping.

On-Site Data Shredding

Rand’s suite of onsite services includes on-site data shredding, assuring complete destruction of all data bearing storage devices at the customer location.