Doug Schilletter

Doug Schilletter


A respected industry veteran, Doug Schilletter has more than a quarter-century of experience in operational administration, design, implementation and program management. In addition, he has extensive leadership experience in R2 certified IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) operations, including data security, logistics, and business development.

He joined Rand Technology at its Tennessee facility in 2018 and today leads the global operations including product testing, quality assurance,logistics, and the company’s sustainable solution processes. Rand’s expanded capabilities in each of the major regions gives Rand the agility to meet customer demand.

Prior to joining Rand, he served in senior management with U.S. Micro and was instrumental in helping the company grow into a full-service, high volume, multi-warehouse technology firm acquired by a Fortune 150 company.

Doug earned a Bachelor of Science in business economics from Clemson University and a Master of Arts in business economics from the University of South Carolina.