About Us

RAND’s Global Palette

Founded in 1992, Rand Technology was the first ISO-certified independent semiconductor distributor and has expanded to meet the needs of over 5,000 clients on 5 continents in 72 countries. With 30 years of industry expertise, unmatched customer service, and a commitment to help drive our clients’ success, Rand Technology is the premier global independent parts distributor.

Why use RAND?

The question for me is, why NOT use Rand? I have worked with Andrea Klein and the Rand Technology team for many years. We have remained partners over time for three very important reasons:

#1 – Speed. When there is a supply continuity gap or an extreme excess position, you have to move fast. Rand provides transparency of information and an availability of resources to react to whatever problem we face. It all starts with the premise of “how can we help” versus “let’s analyze the problem.”

#2 – Trust. In the electronics business there are players that don’t always act with the best interest of their customers. Rand is always making sure that the components we are seeking are at the quality levels we require. There is no ambiguity on this; it is either good or it is not. Rand listens and adapts to the ever-changing needs of our business.

Finally, #3 – Cultural Alignment. Rand cares about us as a customer, but more importantly they align with our mission…helping people be the best in moments that matter. Rand’s “do whatever it takes” mindset puts our customers first, which is extremely powerful when there are choices in business. We choose to walk this road together because we have a mutually-aligned focus on solving problems so that our customers can focus on what they do best.

So, I ask again, why NOT use Rand?!”

~ Corporate Vice President, Supply Chain & Procurement Solutions – Tier 1 Telecom OEM